A Little Post to Say Thank You!

What are some awesome blogs I can follow?

January and February have been pretty good months for Moms Have Questions Too. We have had some spectacular bloggers feature us and we wanted to share the love. Here are the bloggers that gave us the most traffic in the last month or so and a few of their best posts.

In Lieu of Preschool

The blogger at In Lieu of Preschool is a former teacher and has two adorable preschool aged children. She has an awesome post about hush bottles (bottles filled with glitter and glue). Your child watches the glitter as it settles and then he or she calms down! I also recommend her post on 7 Must See Sensory Bins and my personal favorite, Eraser Dot Art.

Living Montessori Now

Deb Chitwood is a highly qualified Montessori educator who uses her blog to write about using Montessori principles and methods in different areas of life. One of her most popular blog posts is about How to Start Using Montessori at Home. She also has a very comprehensive post about where to find Free Montessori Materials Online. Personally, I love her post on Dressing Frames.

Dirt and Boogers

Amada from Dirt and Boogers did Play Therapy with children before she got married and had her own children. Now, she blogs about activities she does with her oldest son, sensory play, and adventures in parenting. She has a fabulous list of sensory play ideas, which are not only super easy, they are also lots of fun for kiddos. She has a great post on organizing kid’s art supplies and it includes of lots of visual eye candy. My favorite post is her letter games for toddlers.

No Time for Flashcards

Allison from No Time for Flashcards has been an educator for most of her life. When she became a stay at home mom, she started her blog to share the educational activities she does with her children. One of her most popular posts is about 75 TV free activities for kids and it is filled with great ideas. She also has a great post on alphabet activities and activities for kids under 2.

Here are a few more blogs that brought Moms Have Questions Too traffic. I love all of these blogs and definitely recommend checking them out.


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