$1.99 Color Activity Pack**


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Activities Included in the Activity Pack
  • Egg Carton Pompom Matching
  • I Spy Cards (printable included)
  • Colored Pegboards (printable included)
  • Popsicle Stick Color Matching
  • Ice Cube Color Mixing (printable included)
  • Color Scavenger Hunt
  • Color Sensory Bins
  • 3 Part Color Puzzles (printable included)
  • Colored Fishies (printable included)
  • Rainbow Puzzle (printable included)
  • Bubble Painting
  • Paint Chip Color Match
  • Bonus Printables (exclusive to the activity pack, cannot be found on our website)
    • Do-a-Dot Color Pages
    • Watercolor Page

Here are some example pages from the activity pack. Remember, most of these activities come straight from our color series and can be found on our website. The activity pack compiles all of the activities in an easy to read and print packet. The packet also includes 2 sets of printables and a curriculum guide that are exclusive to the activity pack. The activity pack is much easier to use than trying to find all of the activities and printables from our website. Yes, you are paying for convenience, but with such a low price and the exclusive content, hopefully the convenience is worth it. :)

Color Activity Pack Sample Pages - Moms Have Questions Too

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