My Depression Solution

What can I do about depression?

Ok guys, the cat’s out of the bag. My big secret is out. I have depression. Dun dun dun. Just kidding. It’s not really a secret. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about it a few times on this blog. And honestly, it’s not that big of a deal to me. It’s just something I have to deal with in life. Luckily, I have found a pretty good solution that I want to share with you today.

I feel like a hippie for saying this, but I use essential oils. Yes, I am THAT person. Ha! I never thought I would be, but they work for me and I don’t argue with results. :)

How I Use Essential Oils for Depression. Yes, they really work for me and I have proof.

Let me start by saying that I do not sell essential oils. At the end of the post I’ll give you a link to buy essential oils. I do not benefit in any way if you buy oils from there. I am only sharing this post because essential oils have helped me tremendously with my depression. If there is even one person whose depression gets better or more manageable because of what I share then I will be happy. This is something I am very passionate about and honestly, I just want to help others who may be going through what I have gone through.

My story

Last October I had a really, really crummy week. I felt really bad and my motivation was extremely low. I took the opportunity to find a better solution for my depression (at that time I was eating really healthy, drinking tons of water, and getting lots of sleep, but I wasn’t on any medication).

I was worried about getting bad post-partem depression after Sport was born (he was born early December) since I got it so bad after Smiley Man was born. I knew I wanted to use essential oils because I was using them for lots of other things from warts and bee stings to headaches and sickness. I did lots of research about daily routines for essential oils and here’s what I came up with.

My Daily Essential Oil Routine

  • 1 drop Balance on my wrists, rub together and smell it
  • 1 drop Frankincense on my thumb, then hold it against the roof of my mouth for about 10 seconds
  • 1-3 drops Lemon in a cup of water every day. You could also use Grapefruit, Wild Orange, or Lime
  • I also frequently put a mixture of OnGuard, Melaleuca, Oregano, and fractionated coconut oil (stored in a roller bottle) on the bottoms of my feet. I don’t use this for depression, but I do use it frequently so I figured I might as well mention it.

How I Use Essential Oils for Depression. Yes, they really work for me!

How Did it Work?

When I very first started this routine I did feel better emotionally, but I also got really bad headaches. This didn’t really bother me because I figured I was doing something new to my body, so it made sense that my body would react. The headaches hurt and were annoying, but fortunately, I pushed through. After exactly one week, the headaches were completely gone and I wasn’t just feeling okay, I was feeling great. Each week that went by I felt better.

When baby Sport was born, I was a roller coaster of emotions. But the great thing was that I understood my emotions. I felt really sad over stupid T.V. shows and I cried when I didn’t have the energy to make dinner. BUT, I knew I was only feeling like that because I had just had a baby. I felt sad, but in my head I knew I wasn’t really sad. In fact, I was kind of amused by how much I was crying because I knew it wasn’t real. That only lasted about 2 weeks and then I started feeling great again.

How I Know Essential Oils Work for Me

Then, it happened. Sport was about a month and a half old and I got out of the habit of taking my oils daily. I still felt pretty good so I thought, “Maybe I don’t need to take these oils anymore. Maybe I’m cured!” Well, I was wrong. After a week or two I started feeling really bad. Finally, I started taking the oils daily again and within 2 or 3 days I felt SO much better.

Since then I have stopped taking the oils a few other times just because I got out of the habit. Each time I thought I was doing okay and figured I didn’t really need the oils. Then I would have a really bad day and decide to get back into my daily oil routine. Every single time I would start to feel WAY better within 1-2 days. I don’t know why I keep getting out of the habit using essential oils daily is obviously helping me.

It is interesting to me though, because when I stop taking the oils daily, the decline is really gradual. I hardly notice that I’m getting worse because it’s just a little at a time. However, when I start taking the oils daily again, I feel better really fast. It only takes a day or two before I feel great again and wonder why on earth I thought I was feeling okay when I stopped taking the oils daily.

Essential oils have helped me so much. I can’t fully explain how grateful I am to have them. I feel more like myself than I have in years. If you have depression then you know what I mean when I say I feel like me again.

If you are interested in buying essential oils, here is a website where you can buy them. I personally use doTERRA essential oils and I love them. If you do want to use essential oils for depression, then I would definitely go with super high quality oils. There isn’t a lot of regulation when it comes to making essential oils so I would recommend going with a reputable company. I obviously recommend doTERRA, but I have also heard great things about Young Living. I don’t know much else about other companies.

How I Use Essential Oils for Depression: My daily routine and how I  know they work.

I don’t want an essential oils brand war in the comments so please don’t comment why Young Living is evil and doTERRA is the best or vice versa. I wrote this post to let people know that there are natural depression solutions out there. Let’s please keep the comments positive and let’s uplift each other.

**Disclosure: I’m not a doctor or an essential oils expert and can’t be held responsible for anything that you do related to essential oils. I wrote this based solely on my personal experience.

4 Responses to My Depression Solution

    • Thank you Amy! I use essential oils all the time for headaches. My favorite way is to use peppermint and lavender (lavender right on my forehead and peppermint on the back of the neck). Although, peppermint can decrease milk supply while nursing, so right now I only use lavender. It’s not as good as both, but it definitely takes the edge off the pain in no time.

  1. Thank you for the information on the oils. Where did you get your information? I use peppermint oil for sinus headaches, and it has really helped.