DIY Montessori Moveable Alphabet

Make your own Montessori moveable alphabet - Moms Have Questions Too

How can I make my own Montessori moveable alphabet and how do I use it?

A Montessori moveable alphabet is a great tool for homeschoolers and even just for children who are beginning to read and spell. There are so many things you can do with a moveable alphabet and all of them are great for learning. In case you’ve never heard of a moveable alphabet, here are a few ways you can use it:

  • Make sight words (we use our moveable alphabet with a few activities in our Pre-Primer Sight Word Curriculum)
  • Make your name
  • Make sentences
  • Make words for things you see around you

Here are some awesome ideas for using a moveable alphabet.

As much as I wanted a moveable alphabet for Little Bear, I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Moving to a new house and having a new baby in one year tends to make a budget a little tighter. ;) So, I thought of a way to get a moveable alphabet set for Little Bear, without having to spend a ton of money. I think this project cost me $12 total and that includes the storage boxes.

Make your own Montessori moveable alphabet - Moms Have Questions Too

I made my DIY Montessori moveable alphabet using the exact same method I used to make my flat marble alphabet. The only difference is I used small glass gems rather than big ones and I made several sets of each letter in both uppercase and lowercase. I did make a printable template for my moveable alphabet set, but it is included as a bonus in our Sight Word Curriculum (only $9.99 and it includes all 40 Dolch Pre-Primer sight words, over 300 pages of worksheets!). Since I am offering it as a bonus to the curriculum, I have decided to not offer it for free on my blog.

Using a Montessori Moveable alphabet to write a sentence - Moms Have Questions Too

If you are interested in making your own DIY Montessori moveable alphabet, it should be pretty easy to figure out. You just need a few packages of small clear glass gems, red and blue construction paper, homemade mod podge, and some kind of storage container. If you want to make the process MUCH easier, you’ll also need a ½ inch circle puncher. Trust me when I say, it’s worth it to buy the circle punch because these circles are little!

DIY Montessori being used with the sight word curriculum - Moms Have Questions Too

So far, we have loved our moveable alphabet. It has been great to use with the Sight Word Curriculum, but we use it for lots of other things too. It’s been a great learning tool for Little Bear.

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    1. That’s a good question. They are very similar, but there are some important differences. First, the Montessori moveable alphabet has several sets of the alphabet (mine has 5 lowercase of each letter and 3 uppercase of each letter, plus even more of the vowels). Second, the Montessori moveable alphabet has the consonants blue and the vowels red rather than all of the letters the same color (like the flat marble alphabet). Third, my moveable alphabet uses the small glass gems rather than the large ones that I used for the flat marble alphabet. Think of the flat marble alphabet as the toddler or preschool version and the Montessori moveable alphabet as the Kindergarten and First grade version. They are very similar though and can be used in many of the same ways.

  1. I’ve made magnets with flat marbles before and moveable alphabets with milk lids but never thought of putting the two together. Genius!  I’d  love to have you link this to Titus 2 Tuesday this week. I hope to see you there. 

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