Fall Leaf Garland – Guest Post

We’re so excited to share today’s guest post from Amanda at Living, Loving, Learning. She has a fun fall project you can do with your child, toddlers and older. Enjoy!

On www.livenlovenlearn.com I try to make fun learning projects for preschoolers and toddlers just by using what you have at home and with little to no prep work involved. Today we are making a fall leaf garland. Before we made this garland we went on a fall walk where we collected a lot of fall leaves in all sorts of sizes and colors. We sorted the leaves, counted them and now we will use some of them for this project.

IMG_7133 copya

  1. Cut open a paper bag
  2. Take some leaves that you found on your leaf hunt and trace around them onto the paper bag
  3. Paint over top of the leaf patterns
  4. Wait for paint to dry and cut out the leaves
  5. Using clothespins,clip them onto a string and hang the string up as a garland


(the big leaf was my creation)

Of course to go with our project is a fun book. I believe that the best way to teach a child to read is to read to that child, develop in them a love of reading and the technicalities of reading will come easy. Here is the book I recommend:

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