How to Make a Yarn Ball Video Tutorial

How do I make homemade yarn ball and what do I do with it?

I made some homemade yarn balls long ago when I was in college for extra credit in my Teaching Physical Education class. I saved them for “someday when I have kids.” Well,  awhile after college was over, Little Bear finally was old enough to play with the yarn balls and I have to say, I didn’t think he would love them as much as he did. Today, both Little Bear and Smiley Man love our yarn balls. I am constantly amazed by how much they play with them. It cost me less than $10 of the cheapest yarn to make 20 yarn balls, but they are a favorite toy around here.

How do my kids play with them you ask? Okay, maybe you didn’t technically ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway. :) They play basketball with a door hanging basketball hoop, they play catch, they use them in place of bean bags in bean bag games, they use them in indoor snowball fights, they rub them on their faces because they like that they are fuzzy, and most of all, they throw them down the stairs. You could also make mini yarn balls (just use a smaller piece of cardboard) to make a baby mobile.

My wonderful sister, Alyse, once again filmed and edited this video. I’m thinking her editing privileges may need to be revoked since she put that super random clip in of me making weird noises. But then again, she also edited the “Kid Advice” of Smiley Man exercising at the end. If you don’t watch the whole movie, you have to at least skip to 3:02 to watch the Kid Advice. I was seriously crying with laughter the first time I watched it. :-D Enjoy the video!

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