Match the Font Cut and Paste Worksheet

Match the Font Cut and Paste Activity

Sometimes children get accustomed to letters in only one font. When they see the same letters in other fonts, they are unable to recognize them because they are so used to only one font. I have noticed Little Bear falling into this rut a little bit lately, so I have been making an extra effort to point out letters in lots of different fonts. Little Bear has been doing much better recognizing lots of different fonts, but I decided to incorporate the different fonts into a cut and paste page.

 Match the Font Cut and Paste Activity

This cut and paste worksheet for preschool has 12 letters on the top, then the same 12 letters on the bottom. To complete the cut and paste work, have your child cut out the letters on the bottom (with the dotted lines) and then glue them to the letter on the top that matches. The only trick to this activity is that the letters are all in different fonts.

 Cutting - Match the Font Cut and Paste Activity

While Little Bear completed this page, we talked a lot about how the letters looked different from the way we usually write them, but they are still the same letters. I also had Little Bear identify each of the letters after he cut them out. He didn’t have that much trouble identifying any of the letters, but I tried to stay away from any of the tricky letters (like “g” for example).

Cut Out Pieces - Match the Font Cut and Paste Activity

I’m thinking I may make another cut and paste worksheet very similar to this in a few weeks with the really tricky letters. Little Bear could complete this page pretty easily (minus some complaining about all the cutting), but he did have to work at it a little. Honestly, I’m surprised at how quickly Little Bear is realizing that letters don’t always look the same. He often surprises me with his learning power. Young children learn so much in such a short amount of time and of course, it’s easy for me to think my kids are extra smart. ;)

Glue on Pieces - Match the Font Cut and Paste Activity

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