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Activity Packs

The activities in these packs come straight from our toddler and preschool series. So why, you ask, should you buy the packs when you can just get the activities straight from the website? First off, the activity packs are put together much more like a curriculum. They are written with an instructional format, rather than a conversational one. They are compiled in a pdf format that is very printer friendly. Also, the activity packs will have all of the activities and printables in one easy place. Hopefully this will make it much easier to stay organized and do all of our fun activities with your child or preschool class.

In all honesty, you are basically paying for convenience, but with a super low price, who can resist? Plus, we do have one extra perk! In each activity pack that we sell, there will be two additional activities with printables that are not on our website. These activities will be exclusive to the activity packs and should add even more value!

The Activity Packs are digital downloads. You will not receive a printed copy, but you are free to print the activities yourself!

Pattern Block Activity Pack


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Activities included in the Activity Pack
          • Pre-Addition Math Mat (printable included)
          • Making Patterns (printable included)
          • Fill in the Shapes (printable included)
          • Snowflake Pattern Block Templates (printable included)
          • Spring Templates (printable included)
          • Bonus Printables (exclusive to the activity pack, cannot be found on our website)
            • Autumn Templates
            • Transportation Templates

Here are some sample pages from the activity pack. Again, the activities in this pack can be found on our website. The activity pack has compiled all of the activities to make it easier to find and do the activities. Plus, there are new pattern block templates that are exclusive to the activity pack.

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Feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments about the Activity Packs!