My Favorite Pins of the Week

Where can I find some great ideas?

So, I’m a Pinterest junkie. If you follow me, you may have noticed that I pin All. The. Time. I did take a short break after baby Sport was born, but I’m back into full gear enjoying Pinterest. What can I say? I’m a visual gal and seeing beautiful pictures with great ideas for kids’ activities and crafts just makes me excited. Plus, when I pin something, I feel like I did it, even when I didn’t. :) I’m not the only one who does this, right? Who doesn’t love a sense of accomplishment with absolutely no work?

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Annnnyway, now that I’ve gone off on way too long of a tangent, I’ll get onto my point. I want to share some of my favorite pins with you. Why? Because these ideas are awesome. Not only does pinterest give me beautiful pictures to look at and a false sense of accomplishment, it also helps me find great ideas and blogs that I would never know about otherwise.

Here were some of my favorite ideas found via Pinterest this week. If you love any of these ideas, be sure to click on the link and leave a comment letting the blogger know you loved it.

Sponge Painting

Rainbow Sponge Painting on the Easel

Animal Matching

Playdough Fun Animal Matching

Fun Indoor Games for Kids

4 Easy Indoor Activities

Race to Fill the Cup Game

Race to Fill the Cup

Shape Penguin Activity

Shape Penguins

And just because I think it’s really interesting to see which things are popular at any given time, here was the most pinned picture from Moms Have Questions Too this past week.

How to Start Tot School -- Moms Have Questions Too

How to Start Tot School

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