General Conference Activities — Pull Box, Pattern Block Cards

What are some activities my toddler can do during General Conference?

Below are two General Conference activities. For more activities, visit my Toddler General Conference activities page, my Preschool General Conference activities page, or the General Conference Linky party. Enjoy!

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  • For Toddlers: Pull Cup (or box)
  • For Preschoolers: Pattern Block Cards

Toddler General Conference Activities – Pull Cup

I saw this amazing idea for a toddler pull box from We Can Do All Things. I used the same idea, but made it into a pull cup. To make it, I cut slits into the bottom of a plastic cup. I used a very sharp knife. Be extra careful! Once the initial slits were cut, I made them slightly bigger by sliding the top of the knife across the edges of the slit. This really helped to make the ribbon slide through the slit easily. Next, get ribbons in different colors (I did the colors of the rainbow) and put them through the slits. Finish by tying a knot on both ends of each ribbon (the end on the outside of the cup and the end on the inside of the cup).

General Conference Activity-pull cup

Give the pull cup to your child with the ribbons pulled all the way inside of the cup until the knot stops them. Have your toddler grab the ribbon and pull it through the slit. Once all of the ribbons are through, your toddler can turn the cup around and pull the ribbons back through the other way.

General Conference Activity-pull cup

Preschool General Conference Activities – Pattern Block Cards

I made two pattern block cards for you. There is a temple and a mountain. If you don’t have any pattern blocks at home you can print this black and white version that I found at I do highly suggest getting a set of pattern blocks though. They are a great learning tool for young children! Check out my Pattern Block Activity Pack for some great pattern block activities.

To use these fun cards, print them off, laminate them for durability, then use the correct pattern blocks to cover the cards.

General Conference Activity-Pattern Block Mats

General Conference Activity-Pattern block mats

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  1. Where do you get pattern blocks? Those look like a great find but I’ve never seen them!

    1. You can get them from amazon. Just search “pattern blocks” and you should find a bunch of options. You can also buy them at a teacher supply store.

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