General Conference Activities — Sensory Bottles, Faces File Folder Game

Below are two General Conference activities. For more activities, visit my Toddler General Conference activities page, my Preschool General Conference activities page, or the General Conference Linky party. Enjoy!

  • For Toddlers: Sensory Bottles
  • For Preschoolers: Faces File Folder Game

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Toddler General Conference Activities – Sensory Bottles

The basic idea for sensory bottles is pretty simple. Fill an empty water bottle with some cool things to look at: glitter, googly eyes, pom poms, twisted pipe cleaner pieces, plastic jewels, cool erasers, beads, etc.

Make Sensory Bottles for General Conference

Fill the bottle the rest of the way with a liquid substance (plain water, food colored water, baby oil, hair gel, clear glue, glitter glue, etc.). Now secure the lid (use hot glue gun or super glue). Give the bottle or bottles to your child and watch them enjoy the fun objects inside of the bottle. If you want Conference related items in the bottles, try laminated pictures of apostles, laminated temple pictures, cheap ctr rings, etc.

Laminated Apostle Pictures in Sensory Bottle

Sensory bottles are great for General Conference!

Sensory Bottles for General Conference

Preschool General Conference Activities – Faces File Folder Game

This activity is an awesome file folder game from the church’s. You do have to color the pieces for this file folder game after you print them, but even then it is probably the most awesome file folder game I have ever seen. And it’s free! Even my husband and I have a fun time playing with this game. Only when our kids aren’t looking though. We have to keep up mature appearances with our kids obviously. ;)

General Conference Activity-make faces game

You can laminate the pieces for extra durability and/or add magnets to the back of the face pieces and do it on a cookie sheet so that the pieces stay in one place once they are set. No matter how you make it, it’s sure you to keep your child busy for at least one General Conference talk.

General Conference Activity-make faces game

General Conference Activity-make faces game

General Conference Activity-make faces game


  1. I love the faces file folder game! The link isn’t working anymore, and I can’t find it online. Do you happen to have the file still? It looks like a lot of fun! [email protected]

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