Sorting Colors Cut and Paste Pages

I have another fun cut and paste activity for you today and it is perfect for preschool. I made some sorting colors cut and paste pages. There are three different pages you can print or you can just print one for your preschooler. Each page has 8 pictures with two different colors. Simply have your preschooler cut out each picture and then glue it in the box with the same color at the top.

Fun Sorting Colors Cut and Paste Pages for Preschool - Moms Have Questions Too

Little Bear went through a small phase a few months ago where he didn’t want to cut anything. I guess it was getting difficult for him and was taking a long time and the end result didn’t turn out perfect. Little Bear can be a bit of a perfectionist (unfortunately he gets that from me and from my amazing husband, so the poor kid has a double whammy). So, I think cutting was frustrating because it took so much effort and he could see that he hadn’t done a good job.

Sorting Colors Cut and Paste Pages for Preschool - Moms Have Questions Too

For a while I tried to limit the number of cutting activities that we did because I was trying to be sensitive to his frustrations. However, when we did do cutting activities, I tried to make them extra fun so that he would be willing to try. I found that colorful cutting activities (like these sorting colors cut and paste pages) were the perfect thing to get him motivated.

Sorting Colors Cut and Paste Activity - Moms Have Questions Too

These sorting colors pages are pretty simple and don’t really need much explanation. Little Bear didn’t really need any instructions to complete the pages; he just needed some scissors and glue. These pages are in color, but you could also print the pages in black and white and start the activity by coloring the pictures the correct color. That way, this becomes a color, cut, and paste activity. Hopefully your preschooler enjoys these sorting pages. Don’t forget to check out my cut and paste apple tree from last week.

Free Printable Sorting Colors Cut and Paste Pages for Preschool - Moms Have Questions Too

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