Toddler Curriculum Letter A: A is for apples

How can I teach my child the letter A along with other developmental skills?

It’s time for the very first tot school post and I couldn’t be more excited! I have been working on this curriculum for almost 6 months now and I am so happy with how it has turned out. The Toddler Curriculum has a different theme for each letter of the alphabet with lots of toddler-appropriate printables, tot tray ideas, a letter craft idea and other ideas for teaching each letter. Go here to purchase the Toddler Curriculum. It is $14.99 for personal use and $24.99 for a classroom license.

Letter A is for Apples Toddler Curriculum - Moms Have Questions Too

The curriculum is very comprehensive and hopefully has more than you need for each letter so that you can pick and choose what to use with your toddler. For more information about the Toddler Curriculum, please check out my Toddler Curriculum and Schedule post. Smiley Man will generally spend 2 weeks on each letter, but some letters he’ll only do for 1 week. The first few letters we’ll only do one week so that we can introduce the curriculum to you more quickly. To help you get an idea of what the curriculum includes, we’ve not only included a bunch of photos below, but you can also download the letter A packet for free! Simply click here to start the download.

Smiley Man is 33 months old (see this post to see if your toddler is the right age for the Toddler Curriculum)

Make the Letter

For the letter A we made the letter with a salt tray

Make the Letter A in a Salt Tray - Moms Have Questions Too

Learning Notebook

We did at least one page every day. Some days we did two pages and some days we went back and re-did some of Smiley Man’s favorite pages. These pages are all included in the Toddler Curriculum.

Letter A Tot School Learning Notebook - Moms Have Questions Too

Tot Trays


Draw an apple on white Styrofoam. Push golf tees into Styrofoam to cover the apple drawing.

Styrofoam and Golf Tees Apple Activity for Tot School - Moms Have Questions Too


Have 6 ping pong balls (2 red, 2 yellow, and 2 green) in a bowl. Match “apples” (ping pong balls) in same colored silicone cupcake liners.

Ping Pong Ball Matching Activity for Apple Tot School - Moms Have Questions Too


Clip a cotton ball with a clothespin and use it as a paintbrush to paint “apples” on a paper tree.

Stamping with a cotton ball and clothespin tot school activity - Moms Have Questions Too

Fine Motor

Print tree (included in curriculum) and tape to a pencil. Put in a cup filled with glass gems so it stands up. Have a small bowl with water and a water dropper. Use dropper to “water” tree.

Watering an apple tree fine motor activity - Moms Have Questions Too


Use tongs to transfer red math cubes onto printed tree (included in curriculum). One math cube goes on each dot.

Transferring math cubes for apple themed tot tray activity - Moms Have Questions Too

Supplies used for Tot Trays: Styrofoam, golf tees, ping pong balls, silicone cupcake liners, clothespins, paint, construction paper, glass gems, water dropper, math cubes, tongs

Tray Printables

We did at least one of these printables every day and some days we did two or went back and did Smiley Man’s favorites.

Apple Clip Card activity for Tot Trays - Moms Have Questions Too

Do a Dot Marker Page for Tot School Trays - Moms Have Questions Too

Letter Activities

The curriculum includes 5 letter activity ideas for each letter. You can do one a day for one week or throughout two weeks as desired. Smiley Man really enjoyed the letter collage for our apple theme. He loved the apple jacks!

Apple Jacks Letter Collage for Tot School - Moms Have Questions Too


The curriculum includes 5 book ideas for each letter. Smiley Man loved The Apple Pie Tree. We even found a cute video of the book on youtube.


Sew an Apple

Smiley Man really liked this craft. He had a fun time sewing, although he did need some help from me. As always, he was super proud of his craft.

Make an Apple Craft for Tot School - Moms Have Questions Too

Sensory Bin

Our Letter A sensory bin was a huge hit. Read more about it here.

Fun ABC Sensory Bin Ideas - - Moms Have Questions Too

I will try really hard to get pictures of all the different parts of the curriculum for each letter so that you can see them. However, this curriculum has a LOT of activities for each letter. I might not get to everything and if I do, I might only get a picture of it, but Smiley might not really do it. If you feel like the curriculum has too much for your toddler or for you, don’t get overwhelmed, just take some of it out. :) Go to the store page if you’d like to purchase the curriculum or click on the link below.

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