Christmas Craft Wall Mural for Kids

Coloring on the wall that is acutally allowed! Create a Christmas Wall Mural - Moms Have Questions Too

What is a fun Christmas craft or activity my toddler and preschooler can work on together?

My family was pretty crafty growing up and it seems like we always had a project we were working on. One of my favorite Christmas activities that I remember doing was a giant wall mural. My mom would go to the store and buy a long sheet of butcher paper and hang it up on the wall. Then, any time we wanted in the days leading up to Christmas we could decorate and draw on the mural. I thought this would be a really fun project for Little Bear and Smiley Man to work on together before Christmas so we gave it a try!

Coloring on the wall that is acutally allowed! Create a Christmas Wall Mural - Moms Have Questions Too

We got a large sheet of paper (in this case I already had 4′ wide kraft paper on hand) and taped it to the wall. Smiley Man was really excited about what we were doing and wanted to help put the tape on the wall. Once it was taped up I gave them some ideas of things they could do on the mural and nicely reminded them any drawings had to stay on the paper, not the wall. Since the paper covered most of the wall I figured this wouldn’t be a problem, but I decided to play it safe. They loved it! There is something really fun about being able to draw on the wall, and it helps with fine motor development as well :). This is a really fun Christmas craft, but you could do it any time of the year and it would still be loads of fun!

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Here are some suggestions of things you could use to decorate and draw on the mural:

I’m sure you could come up with a bunch more too! The best part of the wall mural is that it provides almost limitless entertainment any time your kids need something to do and it decorates your house and shows off their skills at the same time! If you do a mural we’d love to see what you come up with! Feel free to email us a picture or share on our Facebook page!

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