Thanksgiving Activity Pack with Crafts and Printables

Where can I find a Thanksgiving Activity Pack with crafts and printables that will teach math, alphabet, and fine motor skills? Another activity pack has been added to the Moms Have Questions Too store and this one is for Thanksgiving! So many wonderful skills are taught with this activity pack and it’s perfect for toddlers… Continue reading Thanksgiving Activity Pack with Crafts and Printables

Shape Activity Pack

How do I teach my child shapes? I am pleased to announce another activity pack for sale now in our store! This is a shape activity pack and it’s chock full of great shape activities for toddlers and preschoolers. If you’ve been wondering how to teach shapes to your toddler or preschooler, then look no… Continue reading Shape Activity Pack

Christmas Activity Pack

What are some fun Christmas activities I can do with my preschooler? I’ve been so inspired by all of the Christmas pins and posts I’ve seen lately. I’ve also been taking a watercolor class and we’ve been doing fun Christmas sketches and paintings, so needless to say I’ve been in the mood for Christmas things… Continue reading Christmas Activity Pack

Baby Preschool Pack – The Perfect Gift for Families Expecting a Baby

Where can I find a baby themed preschool pack? My sister just had a brand new baby which is always a very exciting thing! She also has a boy and girl (twins) the same age as Little Bear and they already love their new baby sister. I remember when I was in the hospital after… Continue reading Baby Preschool Pack – The Perfect Gift for Families Expecting a Baby

Leaf Activities

What are some leaf preschool activities my preschooler can do? Little Bear has been fascinated with rocks and leaves lately. Now is a really good time of year to be learning about leaves, so I took the opportunity to create some educational activities centered around leaves. I started with one activity, but it turned into… Continue reading Leaf Activities