House Paint, Cut, and Paste Winter Craft

What is a winter craft my child can do that will help develop fine motor skills?

Ever since the Christmas season ended, I have not done a single craft with my boys. I’m not all that great at doing crafts with them anyway, but they were asking to do one. So, I came up with one that would be fun and that would give them lots of fine motor practice. I always have to sneak learning in where I can.

 Painting the door for a watercolor cut and paste winter craft - Moms Have Questions Too

First I gave my kids the House Paint, Cut, and Paste printable and told them to paint the pieces however they wanted. Little Bear decided to paint the house pieces the same colors as our house. Smiley Man just decided to attack the pieces with as much paint as possible. :) In retrospect, when using watercolors, I probably should have used cardstock for the house pieces. Oh, well, live and learn, right?

Watercolor Painting for a cut and paste activity - Moms Have Questions Too

House Paint Cut and Paste Winter Craft - Moms Have Questions Too

Anyway, once the boys were done painting, we waited patiently for the paper to dry. We finished the craft the next day to be sure optimal drying had occurred. Just kidding, I got out my blow dryer and dried the paint so we could hurry and finish the rest of the craft.

When the paint was dry, we cut out the pieces. I let Smiley Man cut some of his pieces, but since the whole cutting on a line thing is still confusing and hard for him, I did most of the cutting. I also did most of the cutting for Little Bear, I just had him cut one piece.

 Cutting out the house for the cut and paste activity - Moms Have Questions Too

The boys then took their house pieces and glued them onto blue pieces of construction paper. Since I wanted this to clearly be a winter craft, and since I wanted to give Little Bear some more fine motor practice, I pulled out our single hole punch. I told Little Bear to punch some holes in some white paper and that we would use the dots as “snowflakes” on the picture.

Punching holes to create snow for winter craft - Moms Have Questions Too

When there were enough white dots to make snowflakes, the boys started gluing the dots on their pictures. They kept changing their minds about whether to use a glue stick or a glue bottle, but gluing the dots on kept them busy for awhile. In the end, they were both pretty proud of their paint, cut, and paste winter craft.

Gluing dots on paper for snowflakes - Moms Have Questions Too

Finished Paint Cut and Paste Winter House Craft - Moms Have Questions Too

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