Measuring Ribbons Preschool Activity

What is a simple preschool activity that uses a ruler?

For today’s activity, Little Bear got to measure with a ruler again! He loved getting to do this with our measure and record game, so I figured we needed another activity with a ruler. To prepare for this preschool activity, I cut several ribbons into three different sizes. I cut some ribbons 3 inches long, some 8 inches long, and some 11 inches long. I also got three pieces of construction paper and labeled them small, medium, and large.

Help your preschooler learn to measure and sort with this fun activity! Moms Have Questions Too

Little Bear was very excited when he saw the ribbons and ruler out. He wanted to get to work on the preschool activity right away. Of course I happily obliged. I explained to him that the ribbons were cut into three different sizes: small, medium, and large. He needed to first figure out how many inches the small, medium, and large ribbons were, then he needed to sort all of the ribbons onto the correct paper.

Record the length of the ribbon - Moms Have Questions Too

He started with the longest ribbon that he could find. He measured it and found that it was 11 inches. I told him that was a large ribbon, so he wrote 11 in the box on the paper that was labeled large. (In retrospect, I should have labeled this paper “long” rather than “large,” but it still worked just fine.)

Sort the ribbons by length - Moms Have Questions Too

Little Bear measured some more ribbons and they were all 11 inches, so he put them on the Large paper. He finally found a ribbon that was 8 inches. I told him that was medium, so he wrote an 8 in the box on the medium paper. He then measured a small ribbon and found that it was 3 inches. He wrote a 3 in the small box.

Measure the ribbon to see if it is long, medium or short - Moms Have Questions Too

He finished the preschool activity by measuring and sorting the rest of the ribbons. He really enjoyed guessing how long the ribbon was before he measured it. He was right lots of times, but he was also wrong lots of times. He loved using the ruler again, so I promised him that we would get him a brand new one.

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