Use Kid Tweezers for Fine Motor Growth and Development

6 Fun Activities that use kid tweezers - Great for fine motor growth and development! Moms Have Questions Too

How do I keep fine motor activities exciting for my child?

I had these kids tweezers on my list of things to buy for tot school for a long time, but I kept dragging my feet. They were just a little bit more expensive than I thought they should be, plus I just wasn’t sure we needed ANOTHER transferring tool for toddler school. I finally ended up buying them just because I have seen so many other bloggers use them and I figured, why not?

6 Fun Activities that use kid tweezers - Great for fine motor growth and development! Moms Have Questions Too

Well, I have to say I am really glad I got them. I guess they aren’t necessary per se, but I am really surprised at how much we’ve used them. Smiley Man and Little Bear both really enjoy the challenge the tweezers provide, but they also aren’t too challenging. Here are 6 fun and challenging ways we have used these kid tweezers. Some of these were just a bit too difficult for Smiley Man, who is almost 3. So, to make it easier for you, I’ve listed the activities in order of easiest to most difficult.

Buttons in Playdough

Make a nice thick pladough snake and stick buttons in it so they are sticking straight up. Use the kids tweezers to take the buttons from the playdough and put them into a bowl or basket.

These aligator kid tweezers make fine motor activities even more fun! - Moms Have Questions Too

Cotton Balls in Cup

Have a pile of cotton balls on the table. Use kid tweezers to move them from the table to a cup.

Transfer cotton balls to cup using kid tweezers - Moms Have Questions Too

Pompoms in Ice Cube Tray

Pick up pompoms one by one from a pile on the table to an ice cube tray using kid tweezers.

Make transferring activites more fun with kid tweezers! - Moms Have Questions Too

Math Cubes on Dot Marker Page

Use kid tweezers to move math cubes onto the spaces of a dot marker page. This dot marker page is from my Toddler Curriculum. Follow my Dot Marker Pages pinterest board to find more dot marker pages.

Move math cubes onto a fun printable using kid tweezers - Moms Have Questions Too

Animals in Sorting Tray

Sort small plastic animals in a food tray using kids tweezers.

Using tweezers is a great way to make sorting activities more fun! - Moms Have Questions Too

Clothespins in Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray

Pick up clothespins using kid tweezers and put them into the openings of a water bottle ice cube tray. This one is also great for one to one correspondence!

Pick up clothes pins with kid tweezer and drop into an ice cube tray - Moms Have Questions Too

Fine motor skills are so important to child growth and development, but doing the same old activities can get boring. Using these kid tweezers made some old activities a lot more exciting for Smiley Man. You definitely don’t always have to buy something new to make fine motor fun again, but in this particular case, it has made a huge difference. What do you do to make common activities stay interesting?

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