Cut and Paste Shape Apple Tree Activity

Free Printable Shape Cut and Paste Activity - Moms Have Questions Too

The time has come for another exciting preschool series. This series will include a variety of printable cut and paste activities for preschoolers. Cutting and pasting is a classic activity in preschool and it’s classic for a reason. Cutting is a very important fine motor skill which helps with brain development, language development, and finger development. It takes a lot of work from different areas of the brain to cut on a line. When you add the pasting aspect it gives even more fine motor practice for your preschooler. Plus, the pasting usually goes in a certain place so that give your child practice in discrimination which is an important math skill.

 Free Printable Shape Cut and Paste Activity - Moms Have Questions Too

Cut and paste activities and color, cut, and paste activities are great for preschoolers. But even better than that are free printable color, cut, and paste activities! I have a fun printable shape cut and paste activity for you today that is perfect for spring. Check back every Wednesday for the next several weeks for even more color, cut, and paste activities.

 Apple Cut and Paste Activity - Moms Have Questions Too

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 Apple Shapes Cut and Paste Activity - Moms Have Questions Too

Now, for today’s cut and paste activity. This free printable is a preschool activity for shapes. You can see the paper has a tree with shapes on it. There are also some apples to cut out that also have shapes on them. Have your preschooler cut out the apples, then glue them onto the corresponding shape on the tree. By the end you will have an apple tree filled with shape apples.

 Shape Cut and Paste Activity - Moms Have Questions Too

If your child loves coloring (Little Bear does not really like coloring), then have him or her color the completed apple tree. Sit back happy knowing that your child just experienced some important learning and he probably didn’t even know it. ;)

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