Memorize Bible Verses, Sight Words, Colors, and More

Memorize Bible Verses and More with this Memorization System - Moms Have Questions Too

Several months ago I was looking for a way for Little Bear to memorize the Articles of Faith and I came across an amazing scripture memory system. The system is from Simply Charlotte Mason. Check out her scripture memory system post with complete instructions, a video, and even some printable divider cards with tabs.

Memorize Bible Verses and More with this Memorization System - Moms Have Questions Too

Basically, here is the system. There are four sections of tabs: daily, odd/even, days of the week, and days of the month. You start with only one scripture, but eventually when all the tabs get filled up, you will be practicing four scriptures a day. One will be a new one, but the other ones will be old ones and you can just review them quickly. We usually say each scripture 2-3 times to practice it.

Memorize Bible Verses - Moms Have Questions Too

Select a bible verse for kids to memorize. You practice one scripture every day until it is fully memorized. It took one-two weeks for Little Bear to memorize each article of faith. Once that scripture is memorized, you move it back one tab and put a new scripture in the daily spot. Now you had a scripture in the Odd tab and one in the Daily tab. So, you practice the scripture in the Daily tab every single day and you practice the scripture in the Odd tab on all the Odd days. When your new scripture is fully memorized, move it back. Now you have a scripture in the Daily tab, the Odd tab, and the Even tab. If you still don’t get it, just check out the scripture memory system on Simply Charlotte Mason. There are much better instructions there.

Memorization Cards - Moms Have Questions Too

I have to say, this system really worked to memorize scriptures. The even better news is that is works well to memorize anything. In order to test this theory out, I bought some color and shape flashcards from the dollar store and I printed some sight word searches from Confessions of a Homeschooler. For Smiley Man we work on one color a day until he can name it without any hints. Once he can do that, I move it back a tab.

Memorize Sight Words - Memorization System - Moms Have Questions Too

For Little Bear, I put one sight word search into the Daily tab. I helped him sound out or name the sight word, then he did the sight word search with some dry erase crayons. Once he could say the sight word without any help, I moved it back and tab and put a new sight word search in. Now, Little Bear only does the actual sight word search for the Daily tab, but he still practices the sight words in the other tabs according to the scripture memory system.

Memorize Shapes, Memorization System - Moms Have Questions Too

We have only been practicing colors and sight words for a few weeks, but I have already seen a lot of progress. I cannot rave about this scripture memory system enough. Little Bear learned all 13 Articles of Faith in a few months and now he is learning sight words. I am excited to see what else we can memorize in the future.


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