Do-a-Dot Markers Reveiw

How would you review Do-a-dot markers? Are the Do-a-dot brand markers worth buying?

Several months ago I posted a review about Walmart’s Paint Dab Markers, which are like Do-a-dot brand markers, but cheaper. You can read the review if you want, but overall I hated the Paint Dab Markers. I was so frustrated with them after a few months, that I determined I would just buy the real do-a-dot brand markers for Little Bear for Christmas. I did that and we have been using the Do-a-Dot brand markers for 3 months now. Let me start by saying that they were definitely worth the $15 they cost (for a set of 6). We love the do-a-dot brand markers and here are several reasons why.

Do a Dot Markers Review - Moms Have Questions Too

Do-a-Dot Markers do not dry out. You can leave the tops off while your child uses them and they will not dry out. In fact, I have heard tell that you can leave the tops off for days and they still will not dry out. We have only left the tops off for an hour, so I don’t know for sure if that’s true, but leaving the tops off for one hour will definitely not dry them out.

Do a Dot Markers Review - Moms Have Questions Too

The colors are vibrant. I love the way all of the colors come out. I don’t love the purple because it looks more pink than purple to me, but other than that, I love the colors. They are bright and consistent. You get the same color every single time.

The size of dot is uniform between colors. Every time you make a dot, it makes the same size of dot no matter what color you use. Of course, if you held the marker down against a piece of paper, you could probably make the dot bigger, but in general, the same size dot comes out every time. Also, there isn’t any weird white space in the middle of the dot. The whole dot gets colored and the size is uniform.

Do a Dot Markers Review - Moms Have Questions Too

The consistency is also uniform. Our old paint dab markers all had different consistencies. The blue one needed to be pressed really hard to get any paint out, while the green one came out super fast and had to be dotted extremely fast. The do-a-dot brand markers are not like that at all. They all come out the same consistency. The paint isn’t too thick and it dries pretty quickly.

Do a Dot Markers Review - Moms Have Questions Too

Do-a-dot markers are non-toxic. Granted, you wouldn’t let your child suck on the dot marker, but if a little bit does end up in their mouth, know that they’ll be just fine.

Do-a-dot markers are washable. I’ll be honest, I haven’t tested this out in clothing yet. My kids definitely get some of the paint on their skin when they use these markers and I’ve always been able to get the color out with a diaper wipe. I have a little bit of mess-phobia though, so I’m a little crazy when my kids play with dot markers and I make sure they don’t get any of the paint on their clothes. I have heard from others though that the rainbow do-a-dot markers wash out of clothing well. However, the magenta and/or fuchsia markers from the bright set are apparently NOT all that washable, so be aware of that.

Do a Dot Markers Review - Moms Have Questions Too

The paint from the do-a-dot markers lasts for years. Obviously I haven’t tested this with our dot markers because we have only had them for 3 months. But, many of the reviews I’ve read have said that the paint in these last for a really long time.

Last of all, these dot markers are fun! My kids love playing with these. It’s a great way for my kids to practice fine motor skills, especially when they take the lids on and off. The only real trouble I have is trying to pry the dot markers out of Smiley Man’s hands when it’s time to put them away. :)

Do a Dot Markers Review - Moms Have Questions Too

Overall, I definitely recommend buying these markers. This post is not sponsored (although there are affiliate links in it). My opinion of do-a-dot markers is honestly very high. I love them especially after my bad experience with the Paint Dab Markers. They are more expensive, but if you are looking for dot markers, do-a-dot brand is really the only way to go.

Do a Dot Markers Review - Moms Have Questions Too

Here are the printables you see in these pictures:

11 Responses to Do-a-Dot Markers Reveiw

  1. We used some of these the other day in my son’s preschool and I was thinking about getting the cheaper version but I’m glad to know they aren’t worth it! Love your site and all those great printables. I’ll definitely be visiting lots.

  2. I love dot to dot makers! It isn’t as readily available here in Singapore, so you guys are really blessed. By the time we get them here via shipping, it gets very costly. But I still think it’s worth the purchase!

  3. I chanced upon your blog yesterday, and have just been reading it! Excellent ideas and information :)
    I went ahead and bought these pens today, I need them for a hungry caterpillar theme. Just wanted to let everyone know, they were available at my local Michaels (Bay area) and They have a 50% off coupon this week ( and a 40% off coupon every week) so I scored these for just ~$8.