Missionary and College Student Cookbook: Easy and Simple Recipes

Where can I find a cookbook with fast, easy, and cheap recipes for my missionary or college student?

This year for Christmas, I gave gifts to two brothers who will be going on LDS missions in the next few months! Man, the change in the age for missionaries has really increased the number of missionaries. I don’t know about you, but I cannot believe how many people who will leaving on missions soon. As I thought about what to give my awesome brothers for Christmas, I tried to think of something that would be really helpful to them on their missions. Luckily I came up with an idea that I think was pretty brilliant, but maybe I’m just biased. ;)

I remember going to college and thinking that I was going to love cooking for myself. I liked cooking for my family, how different could it be, right? Well, it turned out to be a lot different and my “cooking” turned out to be more like cold cereal, pre-made salads, and Spaghetti-Os. I needed super fast, super easy recipes that were written with 2 servings or less. That was something I didn’t have and didn’t have time to find while I was in college.

I decided to get a cookbook full of college (or mission) worthy recipes for my brothers for Christmas. I thought finding a cookbook like that would be pretty easy to find. I searched for missionary cookbooks and college cookbooks and newlywed cookbooks and my search turned out a big fat nothing. So, I started to adapt some of my favorite recipes and I soon made a Missionary Cookbook of my own. (When I say “made” I really mean adapted and wrote the recipes down. All of the editing and design was done by the amazing Cassidy and also another good friend of ours, Emily Chambers. I was super lucky to have such amazing gals who turned this cookbook into a reality).

We decided to make this cookbook with two versions: one for missionaries and one for college students. They are basically the exact same book except for the cover. If you want to purchase this cookbook, be sure to get the cover that is most relevant for your recipient.

There are a few important things to know about the recipes in this cookbook. First, every recipe is written for 2 servings (except for dessert). This is the perfect amount for a missionary or college student. Also, the recipes use a minimal amount of kitchen supplies (pot, skillet, 8×8 pan, etc.) and a minimal amount of spices. It should take a small amount of space to hold ingredients and the necessary tools for the recipes in this cookbook. That is why this cookbook is ideal for missionaries and college students.

College Student Cookbook by Moms Have Questions Too -- Just $9.50 on Amazon!

Missionary Cookbook by Moms Have Questions Too -- Just $9.50 on Amazon!

There is even a little information page at the beginning of the cookbook that outlines the tools and basic spices needed for the recipes, as well as some necessary basic cooking skills. Check it out:

College Student Cookbook by Moms Have Questions Too -- Just $9.50 on Amazon!

Here are the categories included in the cookbook:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Pasta
  • Other Meat
  • Other
  • Desserts

And here is a sample page of the book:

College Student Cookbook by Moms Have Questions Too -- Just $9.50 on Amazon!

These recipes are just right for anyone who is cooking for 1-2 people and doesn’t have a lot of time, space or money. It is the perfect gift for missionary who will be leaving soon or for a High School Graduation gift. If you would like to purchase this cookbook go here:

College Student Cookbook

Missionary Cookbook

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