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Moms Have Questions Too

What changes would you like to see on Moms Have Questions Too?

The time has come again to make some changes to Moms Have Questions Too. Hopefully things only change for the better both for you, the readers, and for Cassidy and me. At the bottom of this post is a link to a short survey that we’d like you to answer so that the changes we make will best reflect what you readers want. (If you’re low on time, please click here to go straight to the survey and answer as many questions as honestly as possible. For more information about the survey, feel free to read the rest of this post before answering the survey questions).

I know a lot of the questions seem really “salesy” and I apologize in advance for that. The simple truth is that I have three precious children and an amazing husband who all deserve every moment of my attention. I would love to spend the number of hours I have been spending on this blog, but with a new baby it just isn’t possible. My hope is to spend fewer hours per week while still making enough money that it’s worth my time to blog. Of course it’s mostly important that I still give you great content that you love and that is helpful, otherwise this blog would be pointless. ;)

Cassidy and I have been brainstorming lots of ways to make this blog better and more profitable. Before we start implementing those changes, we REALLY want your input. I do want this blog to make more money, but I want it to be done in a way that is actually helpful to you. I don’t want you coming to this blog and feeling like it’s one big sales pitch. I want you to feel inspired by the ideas and to get excited by the posts and then maybe buy a few things that you probably would have bought anyway, but now you know just how to use them. That sounds nice, right?

So, I really need your help by answering the questions in this survey as honestly as possible. If you honestly won’t buy something that I suggest in the survey, please answer that you won’t buy it! There are a few other questions that involve ideas to keep the blog awesome, but also make it less time consuming for me. I need as many people as possible to answer this survey so I can make this blog just the way you readers want it. If you know anyone who reads this blog, please tell them about this post so they can do the survey too.

If you are in a hurry, please just answer the multiple choice questions and don’t worry about the written responses as the bottom. If you have enough time for the written responses, please answer those too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This blog would not exist without my readers. You guys are the greatest! Click here to take the survey!