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Graphing rocks on a large posterboard graph - Moms Have Questions Too

Where can I find a graph for preschool that is fun and hands on?

Preschool graphing can be pretty simple, but it’s the small things that make them special. I made today’s graph for preschool special by making it big! I drew out a graph on a piece of white poster board and Little Bear was already excited. I finished it in the morning and Little Bear kept asking me what it was for. I told him it was a big, hands on graph for preschool. Little Bear didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I think he was just excited that it wasn’t a math worksheet. He doesn’t hate worksheets or anything, but this big graph was different and he was excited about that.

Graphing rocks on a large posterboard graph - Moms Have Questions Too

Eventually we got around to using the graph for preschool and I asked Little Bear what he wanted to graph. We recently got these awesome rocks as a souvenir from a trip and they were perfect for the graph. We started by setting all of the rocks next to the graph. We put one of each color across the bottom. I added some construction paper squares so we could remember what colors of rocks there were. I asked Little Bear what he thought the numbers on the side of the graph for preschool were for. He immediately said, “To know how many rocks there are.” :) He’s learning.

Posterboard graph for preschool - Moms Have Questions Too

Next, Little Bear went to work putting the rocks onto the graph. He made sure to put them in the correct place so that we could check the numbers on the side to see how many there were. We ended up having a few more green rocks than we had numbers, so Little Bear brilliantly thought to add some paper with more numbers.

Using Colored Rocks to Practice Graphing - Moms Have Questions Too

This was a really fun graph for preschool. I think the thing that made it so special was the hands on aspect. It was really fun to be able to move the pieces around and see exactly how many there were. You can make a hands on graph with your child, too, and you can graph anything that you want: magnets, crayons, pompoms, cups, etc.

Practicing graphing with rocks in preschool - Moms Have Questions Too

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