Kitchen Floor Picnic

Kitchen Floor Picnic -- Moms Have Questions Too

How do you take the time to enjoy little moments in the midst of a chaotic life?

Kitchen Floor Picnic -- Moms Have Questions Too

Today started out stressful. I was working on printing a bunch of activities for my preschool. I had papers all over our living room and the kitchen table, which by the way, is pretty much our entire apartment. The boys woke up and I was trying to think how to get everything organized just so we could have breakfast. I didn’t want to move, move everything because it was organized chaos and I didn’t want it to just be chaos.

Suddenly I had an idea. Why don’t we have a picnic on our kitchen floor (the only empty space left)? I put a blanket on the floor and went and got my kids. We had dry cereal and sausage and juice and bananas. Smiley Man loved it! Little Bear loved it! They had a blast. They thought it was so cool to be eating on the kitchen floor. Anything out of the ordinary is always cool.

Kitchen Floor Picnic Food -- Moms Have Questions Too

I had fun just talking to them while we ate. Usually I’m eating/putting laundry away/ unloading the dishwasher/ putting on makeup, you know, just multi tasking. We only ate on the floor because I didn’t want to stop in the middle of my organizing, yet, it ended up being a wonderful bonding time with my kids. They think I’m ultra cool now. ;)

Admit it, now you want to have an indoor picnic, don’t you? I’ll definitely do this again and next time it will involve a bit more planning. Here are some ideas for your next indoor picnic. Start by telling the kids that you’re going to have an indoor picnic, but that you have to get it ready first. Have them help you make some fun finger foods:

Pepperoni and Cream Cheese Rolls: Spread cream cheese on pepperoni and fold it in half or roll it up.
Ants on a log: peanut butter in celery sticks with raisins placed on top to look like ants.
Meat Rolls: Deli meat slices rolled into rolls
Finger Fruits: Apples, watermelon, pears, etc. cut into bite-sized pieces

You could even make some homemade lemonade if you’re feeling ambitious.

Kitchen Floor Picnic -- Moms Have Questions Too

Have the kids help you spread a blanket on the kitchen floor, then set out the food. You might have to add a few items to make a balanced meal (crackers, carrot sticks, milk, etc.). Give each child a plate and enjoy the food. Don’t forget to sit down with them and talk. That’s the part they’ll really remember.

What did I learn from this day? I learned how to enjoy the little moments. My boys may not remember the picnic we had, but they probably would have remembered if I was super stressed about them touching my papers and freaking out if one got bent or ripped. Instead, we had a relaxing morning doing something that was special. Even though our lives are not completely ideal, we had a great morning to just enjoy life. These are the moments I will always cherish.

Have you had a moment like this? We would love to hear about it!