$9.99 Pre-Primer Sight Word Curriculum + 2 Bonus Items!!!

Read, Make, Write

Pre-Primer Sight Word Curriculum


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This sight word curriculum has all 40 sight words from the Dolch Pre-Primer sight word list. There are 10 sets of activities; each set has 4 words with 40 words total. Each set has 30 activities available which makes for over 300 printable worksheets! I only do 10 activities a week rather than all 30, but you are welcome to adapt the curriculum any way you choose. The curriculum also includes an emergent reader (simple book), flashcards, and a suggested weekly schedule. There are also 2 bonuses that you will receive for free when you purchase the sight word curriculum.

(Note: All items in the curriculum are a digital download. A physical product will not be shipped to you)

  • Step by Step Teaching Guide and Checklist of Materials Needed: Teaching guide has specific instructions and pictures that will hopefully answer all of your questions about how to do the activities. The checklist lets you know what you need to use the curriculum.
  • Moveable Alphabet Package: This includes the printable to make your own moveable alphabet with glass gems. It also includes a list of materials needed as well as printable instructions to make your own moveable alphabet. I’ll be doing a post about how I use this moveable alphabet soon, so check it out for more information. I use the moveable alphabet for a few of the activities in the sight word curriculum so this package will be helpful for the curriculum, but it also has lots of other uses.

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