Sight Word Curriculum Week 1

How can I teach my child sight words in a way that is fun and so that he or she will remember them?

I am so excited to bring my new curriculum to you! Wahoo! I started making this sight word curriculum because Little Bear is now in Kindergarten and has lists of sight words he has to learn. So far he has learned sight words pretty quickly, but it has been a little hard for him to learn a bunch of them at once. So, I decided a sight word curriculum that gave him tons of exposure to the words, plus fun sensory activities, plus lots of writing practice was just the thing he needed. I’m excited to offer the sight word curriculum for sale in our store starting today for just $9.99!

Sight Word Curriculum Week 1 - Moms Have Questions Too

We have been using this curriculum for about two months now (I wanted to really test it before sharing it) and it has been wonderful! Little Bear is learning his sight words easily AND he is remembering them. I think the fun sensory activities are the main reason for that. The Pre-Primer Sight Word Curriculum has 10 sets of 4 words (40 sight words total). It includes all of the Dolch Pre-Primer sight words. I am planning to offer a Primer Sight Word Curriculum sometime early next year that has all of the Dolch Primer words.

This sight word curriculum has 30 activities for each set of four words. I only use 10 activities per set and I rotate through the 30 activities so we have different activities each week for three weeks. Here are the weekly schedules that I use with this curriculum.

Sight Words Weekly Schedules

In the curriculum in the store I offer all 30 activities for each set of words because I figured that not everyone would want to use the curriculum exactly the way I use it. Feel free to use all 30 activities over 3 weeks time if your child needs several weeks on one set of words. If your child only needs one week on each set of words, you can use it like I do, or use it another way. Basically, this curriculum allows you to adapt it according to your child’s needs.

The curriculum has two different types of activities. The first 15 activities in each word set are sensory/exploratory based. If you have a young child and you only want to expose him or her to the sight words, then you might only use the first set of activities. The second 15 activities are all writing based. There are lots of different ways to write each word to keep it exciting. Little Bear is required to read his sight words and write them, so I wanted to make sure there was lots of writing practice included in this curriculum. Luckily, I have already seen great improvement in his writing. :)

I will have three posts about this sight word curriculum total. I will show three different weeks of the curriculum. Hopefully this will answer any of your questions about the individual activities. Each week I start by printing and laminating the flashcards (pg. 3) and the emergent reader (pg. 4). We quickly read through the flashcards and the emergent reader each day before doing the activities. We do two activities each day, one from the first 15 activities (sensory/exploratory based) and one for the second 15 activities (writing based). Here is one week of activities. If you’d like to join us, we’d love for you to purchase a copy of the curriculum (be sure to check out the bonus offers as well)!

Day 1

Playdough Mats

Playdough Mats

Find and Write

 Find and Write 1

Find and Write 2

Day 2

Word Puzzles

Word Puzzles

Hidden Words

Hidden Words 1 Hidden Words 2

Day 3

Find the Match

Find the Match

Roll and Write

Roll and Write

Day 4

Paint the Words

Painting Words

Sensory Bin

Sensory Bin

Day 5

Cut and Paste Words

Cut and Paste Words


Small Medium Large

Well, that’s one week for us. Check back next Friday to see what week 2 looks like. The Pre-Primer Curriculum is now available for $9.99! Don’t forget, email subscribers will receive 20% off so sign up on the sidebar for our monthly newsletter and you’ll get the discount. We are also including a couple bonuses with your purchase including:

    • A step-by-step teaching guide to help you use each of the activities
    • Access to the Teaching Sight Words Forum where you’ll be able to ask questions, post ideas and learn from myself as well as others using the curriculum.
    • A movable alphabet instruction pack so you can create your own movable alphabet to use along with the sight word curriculum.

I hope that it helps your child learn sight words as much as it has helped mine. :)

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