5 Montessori Tray Ideas with a Video of Each

5 Montessori Practical Life Activities for Toddlers - Moms Have Questions Too

How do I set up and teach a Montessori inspired tray for my toddler?

When I first started doing tray work with my toddler it took a lot of trial and error as I figured out how to  put together trays and as I learned how to teach those trays. Hopefully I can cut out some of the guess work on your end with this video. In this video I show 5 different Montessori tray ideas. I give a few tips that are important to tray work so be sure to listen for those.

Before you watch, just know that filming this video was a bit, ahem, interesting. :) My wonderful sister helped film and edit the video and her cute son (my nephew) makes a short appearance in the film. All three of my kids are also in the film with their big personalities. This video may not be picture perfect (especially when it comes to sound quality), but it definitely shows what it’s like in real life to do these trays with your toddler or preschooler. Below the video is a short description of each tray with links to the materials that I used.

  1. Scoop the Gems into the Treasure Chest
  2. Scoop the Pompoms into the Bowl
  3. Pour the Rocks from One Bowl into the Other Bowl
  4. Pick up the Coins and Put them into the Bowl
  5. Place the Blocks onto the Squares
Supplies Used

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