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Toddler Curriculum for all 26 Letters of the Alphabet by Moms Have Questions Too

Where can I find a full curriculum to use with my toddler that will teach the letters of the alphabet?

I am so, so, SO excited to introduce to you the new Toddler Curriculum (go here to purchase). I have been working on this for several months and I am so happy with how it turned out. Warning, this post is really long and has a lot of information. The first part is written question answer style. The bottom part has the daily schedule for the toddler curriculum. This page can be seen as a reference for more information about the toddler curriculum. Feel free to skip around to find just the answers you need. If you have a question that isn’t answered on this page, please email me ([email protected]) or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

Toddler Curriculum for all 26 Letters of the Alphabet by Moms Have Questions Too

What is the Toddler Curriculum?

This curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum that teaches all 26 letters of the alphabet along with many other important developmental skills for toddlers. Each letter has a unique theme, tons of printables, tot tray ideas, a craft idea, a book list, ideas to teach the letters, and more.

What age should my child be for the Toddler Curriculum?

The curriculum is meant for toddlers ages 2-3. The printables are simple enough for 2 year olds, but still fun enough for an older 3 year old. If you would like to use this curriculum with a 1 year old, you absolutely can. Just do fewer or no printables. Focus on tot trays, books, and crafts. Do more with the theme than with the letters. The curriculum can also be adapted for a 4 year old. Just do more printables and more letter activities. You may have to use trial and error at first, but you should be able to quickly tell what is developmentally appropriate for your child and what is too hard and too easy. If you’re stumped, feel free to email me. :) [email protected]

How long should I spend on each letter?

I planned the curriculum to spend 2 weeks on each letter. I did this because Smiley Man is still 2 and I want to spend as much time as he needs with each theme. I also did this because I know I will get burnt out if I have to change the theme every single week. Doing the same theme for 2 weeks is less work for me and beneficial to my toddler.

You are super woman. How on earth do you get to everything in the curriculum for each letter?

I don’t. Plain and simple. I will try really hard to get pictures of everything from the curriculum so that you can see everything. But, if you are reading my tot school posts and think I do every single thing for each theme, then think again. Sometimes I just get the pictures and Smiley Man doesn’t really finish the activities. I’ll try to make it clear in the posts when that happens, but I may not clarify every single time. Just remember, this curriculum can be adapted to you and your toddler. If you are getting overwhelmed and can’t do everything from the curriculum, then just do the things that your toddler likes the most or that you think are most beneficial to your toddler.

What are tot trays?

Tot trays are Montessori-inspired work for toddlers. They are generally self-directed and teach skills like transferring, cutting, pouring, beading, matching, etc. Read more about tot trays in my How to Start Tot School post. I did tot trays with Smiley Man for a full year before beginning this official curriculum and it was perfect for Smiley.

How much does the curriculum cost?

The curriculum is $14.99 for personal use and $24.99 for a classroom license.

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How do I know what to teach if I’m using the curriculum?

Each letter from the curriculum comes with a Lesson Plan. Here is the Letter A lesson plan.

Sample Lesson Plan from Moms Have Questions Too Toddler Curriculum

As you can see, the lesson plan includes page numbers for printables and includes information for each activity listed. The lesson plan lists the activities in the order that I do them with Smiley Man, but you can obviously change the schedule around if you want.

Where can I buy the Toddler Curriculum?

Go to our store page to purchase the curriculum or click below!

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Daily Schedule for the Toddler Curriculum

  • Make the Letter (This includes activities like salt tray, shaving cream, glue tracing, sandpaper letter, etc. See this post for more information. Do uppercase for week 1 and lowercase for week 2 or throughout the 2 weeks as desired.)
  • Learning Notebook (The curriculum includes 10 pages of activities that can go in a learning notebook. Do one page each day for 2 weeks. Go here to read about how we use our learning notebook.)
  • Toddler Trays (Each theme will have 5 tot tray ideas. Leave trays out for the full 2 weeks. I let Smiley Man play with them for about 30 minutes each day. He chooses which trays to do and how long to do them.)
  • Tray Printables (These printables go on our extra tot tray. They have activities like cutting, pasting, and sorting which is why they can’t go in the learning notebook. Do one activity each day for 2 weeks.)
  • Letter Activities (5 activities for each letter are included in the curriculum. They include ways to use a letter dot marker page, ways to decorate a letter collage, homemade ABC book ideas, and more. Do one a day for the 1st week, or throughout the 2 weeks as desired.)
  • Books (Read at least one book every day. A book list with 5 letter and theme books is included in the curriculum).
  • Letter Craft (Instructions for one craft for each theme is included in the curriculum. Do anytime during the 2 weeks.)
  • ABC Sensory Bin (Each letter will have a new sensory bin. Read more about it here).

As you can see, this is a pretty thorough curriculum. It covers a variety of skills and uses lots of different areas of the brain. It can be used exactly the way I use it, or it can be adapted to your child’s needs. Don’t forget to purchase the curriculum because it is now in our store! It is $14.99 for personal use (can be used with multiple children within one family) and $24.99 for a classroom license.

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