25 Christmas Traditions

What are some traditions that make Christmas an extra special time of year? Christmas is the most wonderful time of year at our house. One of the things that make Christmas so fun and exciting is all the traditions that go along with Christmas. Here are some Christmas traditions from Kirstylee and Cassidy. Kirstylee Traditions… Continue reading 25 Christmas Traditions

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Toys that Help with Gross Motor Development

My Smiley Man is a pretty great walker, but it has been a long road to get there. Read my posts about him not quite walking and just barely walking. Gross motor development is very important to development in general. I have used a variety of toys to help him in his gross motor journey.… Continue reading Toys that Help with Gross Motor Development

Christmas Knitting

What can I knit for my family and friends as Christmas gifts? Every Christmas, I have a bunch of Christmas knitting. I knit several projects and give them away as Christmas gifts. I have had a few requests for the patterns I used this year. I was hesitant to post them at first, because some… Continue reading Christmas Knitting