Top 10 Learning Toys for Toddlers

Top 10 Learning Toys for Toddlers - Moms Have Questions Too

What are some toys I can give to my toddler for Christmas that will be fun, but also be good teaching tools?

Toys are obviously a huge part of a child’s growing up years. Usually we think of toys as just something fun that will keep kids busy. However, the right kind of toys can be so much more than that. If you provide your child with toys that promote learning, he will not only have fun and stay busy during play time, but he will also learn a great deal. If you are looking for some fun toys that also promote learning for toddlers, then check out these top 10 learning toys for toddlers. They are all sure to keep your toddler busy and happy and learning.

Top 10 Learning Toys for Toddlers - Moms Have Questions Too

Playdough and Playdough Tools

I bought a playdough tool set like this 3 years ago and it is still going strong in our house. The tools are all very sturdy and show hardly any sign of wear. Plus, we use these tools frequently!

Wooden Alphabet Blocks (we also love Mega Bloks)

Any kind of blocks are fun for toddlers!

Bean Bags

Use for throwing, catching, games, and more.

Pegboard and Pegs

We love our pegboard and peg set. Making towers with the pegs is always a favorite in our house.

Musical Instruments

Not only are these fun, but they also teach rhythm, sound, and listening

Latch Board

This is a great fine motor tool. We are definitely getting one of these for Smiley Man for Christmas this year.

Uppercase Lowercase Letter Match Puzzle

Obviously this helps teach letters, but it’s also a great fine motor and math activity because of the puzzle aspect.

Letter Construction

Again helps with letters, but has a fun building element


Writing (or painting) on a vertical surface will help your child with writing!


There are too many wonderful books to list that are great learning tools for toddlers. Just reading to your toddler daily will teach him so much. Here are a few of our favorite books:

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