Walk on Pillows for Gross Motor Development

Fun Toddler Activity for Gross Motor Skills Development - Moms Have Questions Too

Do you need a great game that will improve your toddler’s gross motor development?

Smiley Man absolutely loved this gross motor development game, which you can tell from the title, is walking on pillows. At first, this was very difficult for him and he was getting frustrated. However, I turned on some music and that greatly improved Smiley Man’s attitude. Soon, he was walking across the pillows, and falling every once and awhile, but he did it with a smile on his face.

Fun Toddler Activity for Gross Motor Skills Development - Moms Have Questions Too

I have been really excited to try this gross motor development game with Smiley Man, but I have been worried that it would be too hard for him. It was hard for him, but he could still do it, which means it was the perfect difficulty to improve his gross motor skills.

Help your toddler improve their gross motor skills by walking on pillows - Moms Have Questions Too

This activity really gets your toddler’s leg muscles working in ways that they don’t usually. Walking on any uneven surface is great to improve gross motor development, but pillows are usually a little bigger and fluffier than most uneven surfaces. Basically that means they provide that much more of a challenge to your toddler and help gross motor development even more than another uneven surface could.

Having fun walking on pillows for gross motor skills development - Moms Have Questions Too

Another great thing about this gross motor game is that it takes literally no time and no money to prepare. As long as you have pillows (whether throw pillows, bed pillows, bean bags, or even couch cushions) you are set to play this fun gross motor game. Simply put some pillows on the floor and encourage your toddler to walk on them.

Walking on Pillows for Gross Motor Development - Moms Have Questions Too

I like to change things up by adding some music to walk to, suggesting animals to walk like, and even sometimes rolling on the pillows instead of walking on them. I do suggest (for obvious reasons) that you make sure your toddler has very clean feet or clean socks on before you start this activity. The only thing you will have to worry about now is your toddler wanting to play this game all the time! :)

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    1. Smiley Man loves this too. It has become one of his favorite games and he has no idea how much its improving his gross motor skills! :)

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