Kitchen Floor Picnic

How do you take the time to enjoy little moments in the midst of a chaotic life? Today started out stressful. I was working on printing a bunch of activities for my preschool. I had papers all over our living room and the kitchen table, which by the way, is pretty much our entire apartment.… Continue reading Kitchen Floor Picnic

Christmas Knitting

What can I knit for my family and friends as Christmas gifts? Every Christmas, I have a bunch of Christmas knitting. I knit several projects and give them away as Christmas gifts. I have had a few requests for the patterns I used this year. I was hesitant to post them at first, because some… Continue reading Christmas Knitting

Leaf Activities

What are some leaf preschool activities my preschooler can do? Little Bear has been fascinated with rocks and leaves lately. Now is a really good time of year to be learning about leaves, so I took the opportunity to create some educational activities centered around leaves. I started with one activity, but it turned into… Continue reading Leaf Activities

Dollar Store Finds – Pompoms and Die Cut Letters

This is the very first post for a new series called “Dollar Store Finds.” I am so excited about this series because the dollar store has helped so much with setting up my preschool. And when I say “helped” I mean “helped me save money!!!” It’s wonderful. So, without further conversation, let me share with… Continue reading Dollar Store Finds – Pompoms and Die Cut Letters