Cut and Paste Sorting Animals

Cut and Paste Sea Animals Activity -

On Monday I posted about some beach themed tot trays that I did with Smiley Man. Since it is now June and I’m not doing any official preschool with Little Bear right now, I thought it would be fun for him to have a cut and paste activity that went along with Smiley Man’s tot trays. Luckily I was right and Little Bear thought it was really cool to have his own beach themed activity.

 Cut and Paste Sea Animals Activity -

The first thing Little Bear asked me when he saw the preschool cut and paste page is what the words said at the top of the chart. I explained to him that one side said Sea Animals and the other side said Land Animals. I asked him to point to a land animal and he immediately pointed to the giraffe. I then asked him to point to a Sea Animal and he pointed to the starfish and then the whale. He, of course, called them sea monsters, but I was pretty sure he grasped the concept. ;)

 Cutting - Cut and Paste Sea Animals Activity -

Little Bear cut out all of the pictures and glued them onto the correct side of the chart. When he got a little bored of cutting (unfortunately this happens often), I told him I would cut out the last four pictures if he glued them on. Well, he liked the idea of me helping, but instead he wanted to cut out the pictures and he wanted me to glue the pictures. I thought this was very interesting because this whole time I thought he didn’t like cutting, but perhaps it is the pasting he isn’t fond of. I’ll have to test that theory with our cut and paste activity for next week.

 Paste - Cut and Paste Sea Animals Activity -

Pasting - Cut and Paste Sea Animals Activity -

Anyway, Little Bear finally finished putting all the pictures into place (after I put glue on the last four pictures for him). He was really proud of himself for knowing the difference between land animals and sea monsters, ahem, sea animals. ;) I love doing this cut and paste activities with Little Bear because it is a great way for him to practice something simple (like sorting). However, it is made more difficult; and therefore right on his level, with the addition of the cutting and pasting. This ended up being one of Little Bear’s favorite cut and paste activities so far.

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  1. His smile is so sweet and he seems so engaged!! My son can’t really use scissors yet — but come to think of it — I haven’t even tried lately — I will have to :) -Amy

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