General Conference Activities — Milk Cap Pictures, Lacing Cards

General Conference Activities Milk Cap Pictures

How can I keep my toddler and preschooler quiet during General Conference?

Below are two General Conference activities. For more activities, visit my Toddler General Conference activities page, my Preschool General Conference activities page, or the General Conference Linky party. Enjoy!

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  • For Toddlers: Milk Cap Picture Box
  • For Preschoolers: Lacing Cards

Toddler General Conference Activities – Milk cap pictures in cardboard box

This activity is pretty easy as long as you have the materials to put it together. You need 8 milk or juice caps (we go through a lot of milk in our house so it didn’t take long for me to collect these) and you need a cardboard box (I used a shoebox). First, I painted the bottom of my shoebox because it had words on it and I didn’t want the words to distract Smiley Man.

Next, I printed off the milk cap pictures that I made. I cut out one set of the circles (save the second set for later) and used my homemade mod podge to attach the cut out pictures to the top of the milk caps. *Update: While I love my homemade mod podge for plenty of things, it doesn’t work great for this particular activity. I suggest laminating the pictures, then attaching them with packing tape or Velcro dots, or just attach the pictures with stronger glue.

General Conference Activities Milk Cap Pictures

Once the pictures are on the milk caps, cut 8 milk cap sized holes into the bottom of the shoebox. The holes should only be big enough for the milk caps to fit sideways. I just used a sharp serrated knife to do this. Be careful! Next, I cut out the second set of pictures and mod podged one picture next to each of the holes.

General Conference Activities Milk Cap Pictures

My theory is that Smiley Man will look at the picture on the milk cap, then find the matching picture on the shoebox, then put the milk cap in the hole that is next to that picture. Realistically, he isn’t quite old enough for the whole matching aspect, but he is old enough to put the milk caps through the holes and that part he loves. He loves putting all 8 of the milk caps through the holes, then lifting up the shoebox to find the milk caps underneath. Toddlers love a good game of in and out.

Preschool General Conference Activities – Lacing Cards

I made some church-related lacing cards. There are four cards total. They are super easy to make, but in case you don’t know how here are some quick directions. Print the cards on cardstock (or paper, but cardstock will hold up better) and cut out each of the four pictures. Laminate the pictures (again this is optional, but they will last much longer if they are laminated). Now, use a hole punch and punch holes one inch apart along the side of each lacing card. Attach yarn or a shoelace and use it to lace through the holes that you punched.

General Conference Activities Lacing Cards

If you don’t want to laminate and/or don’t have cardstock, you can also print the picture on regular paper, then glue it onto cardboard or an old cereal box and skip the laminating step. This will not last as long, but it will definitely be good enough for one General Conference!

General Conference Activities Lacing Cards

General Conference Activities Lacing Cards

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