Winter Tot School Activities

Well, Smiley Man has officially stopped taking a morning nap. I do preschool in the morning and I have discovered pretty quickly that Smiley Man doesn’t sit quietly to the side and play happily while I am teaching preschool. I didn’t think he would, but I didn’t have a plan for him either. After a… Continue reading Winter Tot School Activities

Snowflake Pattern Blocks Templates

I recently made these snowflake pattern blocks templates as part of a new “school” system I am going to do with Smiley Man. Since Smiley Man is still pretty young (20 months), I don’t think he will be able to use these pattern blocks templates the “regular” way. However, he loves to play with pattern… Continue reading Snowflake Pattern Blocks Templates

M&M Christmas Pictures Activity

I made this cute M&M Christmas pictures activity for Little Bear because he really loves do-a-dot pages, but I wanted to do something extra special for Christmas. Instead of dot markers, these Christmas pictures use red and green M&Ms to fill the circles. I printed the M&M Christmas pictures off in color and laminated them. You can… Continue reading M&M Christmas Pictures Activity

Kitchen Floor Picnic

How do you take the time to enjoy little moments in the midst of a chaotic life? Today started out stressful. I was working on printing a bunch of activities for my preschool. I had papers all over our living room and the kitchen table, which by the way, is pretty much our entire apartment.… Continue reading Kitchen Floor Picnic