Snowflake Pattern Blocks Templates

What is a pre k activity or a toddler activity that uses pattern blocks templates?

I recently made these snowflake pattern blocks templates as part of a new “school” system I am going to do with Smiley Man. Since Smiley Man is still pretty young (20 months), I don’t think he will be able to use these pattern blocks templates the “regular” way. However, he loves to play with pattern blocks and he likes having a template to put the pieces on.

Snowflake Pattern Blocks Templates -- Moms Have Questions Too

I did make these templates specifically for Smiley Man, but they also make a great pre k activity. Little Bear loves working with pattern blocks templates and so do most preschoolers. I decided I should let Little Bear try them out and I am really glad that I did.

I have been teaching Little Bear that every snowflake is unique. He didn’t believe that could be true, so I was able to pull out these snowflake pattern blocks templates at just the right time. I showed him how they all have the shape of snowflakes, but they all look different. He was fascinated.

Since Little Bear loved these snowflake pattern blocks templates so much, I decided to do a few extension activities with them. First, I had him make one of the snowflakes on a template by looking at the template and putting the pieces on a table, rather than straight onto the pattern blocks template.

Snowflake Pattern Blocks Templates -- Moms Have Questions Too

Snowflake Pattern Blocks Templates -- Moms Have Questions Too

Then, I had him trace all of the individual pieces. I showed him that he just made his own template for pattern blocks. He thought that was really cool.

Next, I had him make his own unique snowflake. We talked about how it had to have 6 points. Little Bear was really excited about this and enjoyed making his own snowflake.

Snowflake Pattern Blocks Templates -- Moms Have Questions Too

Once he made a snowflake that he liked, he traced all the pieces. Then, he gave me the new snowflake pattern blocks template that he made and I had to put the pattern blocks on in the right place.

Snowflake Pattern Blocks Templates -- Moms Have Questions Too

Finally, Little Bear colored the new pattern blocks template. He loved these extension activities. I think there will be more pattern block activities for us in the future. I am so glad these pattern blocks templates turned out to be such a fabulous pre k activity. I know Smiley Man will also love playing with these templates when it is his turn, but I am glad that I let Little Bear play with them and I am extra glad that we found so many extension activities. These snowflake pattern blocks templates are sure to bring your toddler and your preschooler lots of fun.

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  1. Thanks so much for these great printables! My 2.5yr old daughter LOVES using our patterning blocks with things like this so these will come in handy for her tot school this week.