List of Preschool General Conference Activities

Moms Have Questions Too General Conference Activities for Preschoolers

Moms Have Questions Too General Conference Activities for Preschoolers

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This is a compilation of all the Preschool General Conference Activities that have been posted on Moms Have Questions Too. For my boys, I put each activity into a gallon size ziplock bag (the ones that are too big for a ziplock bag I put into a grocery sack). During General Conference, I will give Little Bear (4) a new activity bag every time there is a new speaker. There will only be 18 activities posted even though there are about 30 talks throughout all 4 sessions of General Conference. To accommodate that problem, I will be adding some other activity bags that we already have to our General Conference activity bags. You could add some of your own activities, use the same activities both days, or use each bag for two talks instead of one.

Click on the link next to each picture to read more about the activity or to get instructions for it.  There is also a page for Toddler General Conference Activities if you are interested. Be sure to keep checking this page because we’ll be adding to it daily until Tuesday October 2. Also, some of the activities have a free printable with them. These activities will be starred.


  1. These ideas are awesome! I have a preschooler and a toddler, so these are just perfect. Thank you so much!

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